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  • If you like to acquire a dealership or a platform, with the backing of a Private Equity firm, and you have over 10+ years of experience as a leader, a proven track record, and ready to own your own dealership then we should talk.

  • Are you an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, or an owner of a dealership, that is ready to become a platform in your market, and grow with strategic add-on acquisition? With the right capital partner, you can take some chips off the table, and grow your business.


General framework for Target dealerships/Companies.

  • A privately held company with over $5million EBITDA / greater than $50 million in sales.

  • Control Transactions, no early stage or VC’s.

  • Our Capital Partners are open to many industries, especially automotive, due to its long-term stability, and attractive ROI’s.

  • Companies must be profitable, with long term management in place.


Contact us if you would like to acquire a company with Private equity backing or sell your company to a private equity group. In addition, let us know your acquisition target, to see if that meets the PE criteria for funding.

contact us directly @

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