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Our team is well qualified to guide you through the M&A process. We bring a collective experience of over 100 years in the automotive field.  If you have been thinking about adding a line to your group, merging with another dealer, or an outright sale, allow us to give a no-cost personal evaluation. We will maximize the assessment, marketing, and sale of your business.

We represent dealers from across the country. It includes large public traded platform, to small family owned dealers. Every transaction is different, and is important to us.



There are many complexities in valuing auto dealerships with multiple approaches. At SAR we have partnered with industry leading accounting professionals, who help us determine a true value of your dealership. The tangible and intangible value of your business and assets will determine, the Blue Sky value of your dealership. Decision to sell your business is an important one, and partnership with a firm with experience and knowledge to help you guide throughout the process is critical to a successful sale.

We work with industry leading automotive CPA firms to help determine the true value of your business before we take it out to the market. 




SAR is a different type of advisory firm. We have some of the best industry experts, specializing in M&A, and buy/sells.

We represent BUYERS all across the country, and have cultivated a significant list of buyers for all brands in the industry.

Our secure database lets us find a buyer for your dealership based on their preferences, for franchise brands, sales volumes, profitability, and geographical territory.


SAR Partners prides itself in being one of a handful of firms which goes above and beyond the typical brokerage model.
Our advisors posses decades of knowledge based experience to coach our clients to which approach really match their long term goals. Our Strategic initiative model helps you take a closer look to which initiative works best, including Private equity, Public/Private investment groups, or a public group already invested in the automotive space.
We just do not solicit for a listing, we are your partners, and true advisors from start to finish and beyond.


Initial Consultation
Strategic Initiative meeting
Information gathering
Agreement to buy/sell
Execution to close
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